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With testimonial you can easily and visually share good practices of the use of service design tools in the development of guided tours and guiding services. With testimonials you can explain to others how the service design toolkit has helped you to better understand your customers. Testimonials can be used as a marketing material to present your guiding services.

Want to share a testimonial?
1. Download the template below
2. Fill it in
3. Send it to petra.huyst@toerisme-vlaanderen.be


Have a look at some testimonials

How to use the testimonials

As a manager
You can ask your guides to present their customer cases by completing the testimonial template. Testimonials created by guides can be used as reference material for new customers / prospects. You can also present the competences and skills of your organisation and its guides with testimonials.

As a guide
As a guide, create your own testimonial, and describe how you have used service design tools in your guided tours or during the development of your tours. You can tell how you have analysed customer feedback or how your customers have been active by giving you tips. You can use a testimonial on your webpages, but also when you are searching and applying for a new job.

As a trainer
You can tell your own story (customer case) with a testimonial and inspire your trainees to follow your example. You can ask the trainees to introduce their customer cases by using testimonials and to get feedback from others. Benchmarking of testimonials will help trainees to understand the need for service development and improvement.