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The Persona is one of the most commonly used service design tools. It is a visual introduction of the characteristics of a customer or employee. Innoguide guide personas were created based on the research among the guides, guide trainers and managers.
The Innoguide guide persona visualises a future guide by stating the persona's needs, behaviour and patterns and by showing how aspects on interculturality, experiential guiding and sustainability are taken into consideration in its role. Visual elements highlight the feelings, emotions and experiences of the guide / persona.
We developed two different sets of personas. The first one includes the general guide roles for managers and trainers, providing more service design tools for developers. The other set of personas is targeted towards guides for self-evaluation purposes. You’ll also find a blank persona template which can be used for various purposes.
The purpose of personas?
Personas can help you build a deep understanding of the guides you work with or of yourself as a guide. Personas include stories and visual elements and present a guide in a vivid and recognisable way.
As a manager or trainer you can evaluate the current situation and future demands for guides in your organisation in order to plan recruitment, development and training. As a guide you can use personas in your career planning.


Have a look at some personas

How to use the personas

As a manager
You can use Innoguide 2.0 Personas as self-evaluation material for your team members, to deepen the knowledge gained in the Quiz. Personas can also be used as training material in a team meeting or a workshop. You can include the following topics in a workshop with the help of guide-personas:
- discussion / evaluation of demands and needs for guides in your organisation
- discussion / evaluation of recruitment, development and training needs to meet the organisation´s goals
- you can use the personas to deepen the discussion.

As a starting point, think of your customer segments, what kind of needs do they have for your guided tours. Afterwards study Innoguide 2.0 Persona descriptions and start evaluating which are the most important guide-personas to work in your organisation currently and in the future. Organise a workshop with your employees to go through the guide roles from your organisation's perspective. You can ask your employees to create their own guide-persona using the empty template. Based on the workshop you can decide what the needed skills are in the future and how to proceed to acquire those.

As a guide
You can use guide-Personas (guide roles) for self-evaluation. Study and compare the persona-descriptions to find out which ones mostly represent you as a guide. Afterwards you can create your own persona by using a blank template. After defining what kind of competences and skills are needed in the future, you will be able to better fulfil your customer's needs and you can create a personal development plan.

As a trainer
You can use guide-personas as training material to coach your trainees to evaluate their developmental needs as guides. Present guide-personas to the trainees and ask them to share their Quiz results. After that you can ask the trainees to prepare their own guide-persona by using empty persona template. You can have a group discussion with trainees about what kind of training and development needs become apparent.