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From waste to taste...

The training week was a mixture of lectures, workshops and general fun with all participants. We saw a documentary about the Mursi and a typical (horrible) Dutch tourist in Africa visiting this community. Afterwards a discussion unravelled about whether or not these people should change what they are doing (staged authenticity) or if we should oppress our Western ideas on this community. There were big differences in opinion between all group participants. Our coach Hannelore managed, however, to create a common code of ethics on this subject that all of us could relate to.

We started to feel more and more like theoretical experts on the topic of sustainability, but it was now time to put that knowledge to practice during our fieldtrip! Our group was guided by Kai, a real wilderness guide and entertainer at Nuuksio national park. He showed us the beautiful parts of nature and gave us lunch in his cosy and smoky hut. Kai told us a lot about his adventures as a street musician all over the world mixed with some typical Finnish folklore and songs. We even tricked Niels into playing some of his flamenco styled music to complete our international ambience.

To complete our journey as real pioneers on sustainability we were invited to the tryout of a restaurant that would soon open his doors. This restaurant was called ‘’from waste to taste’’ which says everything about the concept of this restaurant. They go to the local markets and buy all the leftover food that normally would be thrown away. The chef, a highly skilled cook, made us a delicious typical Finnish 3-course menu. This workshop really made us all more aware about sustainability and changed us as a person and guides to be an example for others!


Simone, Ingrid, Niels NHTV participants to the advanced course on sustainability



maggie mungania - 14 June 2017 (11:39:32)

Beautiful ! a transformative piece.