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Seasonal tours

Seasonal tours

With the first days of December, most of the cities throughout Europe undergo a true Christmas makeover. Everything is decorated with snowflakes, sparkling lights, and Santa hats. No wonder some of the entrepreneurial guides and guide organisations put up special holiday-themed tours.

A seasonal tour is a great idea, as it can address the visitors and local audiences alike. In fact, recent researches indicate there is a growing number of local people interested in guided tours of their own hometowns.

Even if your country is perceived like a summer destination, people long for the holiday spirit. Organising a special tour at this time of year can be a great way to expand your offer and prolong your tour guiding season.

Christmas time has the unique capability to cross the borders of its religion. At this time of year, you can find symbols related to Christmas holidays in the most distant parts of the world. However, such commercialisation of Christmas may present a danger for old folk customs. Many towns across Europe are famous for their Christmas markets, and that makes them a desirable destination for a winter city break. But they all thrive so hard to be shiny and likeable, and sometimes they put their genuine folk traditions aside.

That's why a seasonal tour can serve as a great intermediate between seasonal celebrations of old and new ways to celebrate Christmas.

Every single country has its own peculiar customs related to the end of the year, special foods to be tasted, forgotten stories about local customs,... Starting a Christmas tour is not just a path to additional income, like it might be for other businesses, it’s a way to keep the memory of the old folk customs of your country alive. By doing that, you’re preserving a part of the world's intangible heritage.

Seasonal tours can be just what Innoguide stands for. When you share local traditions and memories and make locals appreciate their own neglected traditions, you are employing sustainability in tour guiding. When you're sharing local customs to foreign visitors, you turn into an intercultural vessel. When you make your guests long for past times, and wish to put some forgotten customs back in use, your tour becomes experiential.

So, what are you waiting for? Do your research, let the local media know what you’re doing, and start your winter sightseeing tour! You can even leave that Santa hat on, as long as you tell the story about your country’s traditional gift-bringer!

Iva Silla



maggie mungania - 14 June 2017 (11:46:03)

Great piece ! thank you for the post