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„World Refugee day first marked in 2001 celebrates lives that had once been in danger of being lost, transformed and given fresh hope“
In order to mark the World Refugee Day in Zagreb, Croatia we organized, in cooperation with the Croatian Red Cross a guided walking tour of Zagreb under the name: New Footsteps through Zagreb. The goal of this tour was to familiarize our new fellow citizens with the city of Zagreb, walk them through and show them the locations of the historical and urban heritage that make the Zagreb identity. This way it will be easier for them to involve in the rhythm of life of our city. During our walk, we exchanged impressions: those who are in the city longer, a year or two already have an experience of Zagreb and those who are new have maybe some unexpected impressions of our city. We had people from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Senegal, Congo and from Zagreb in our tour.

Such landmarks like the railway station and King Tomislav Square, the beautiful park of Zrinjevac and the meeting point at the Flower Square people experience in different ways. People from Damascus and Alep were reminded of the parks where they use to spend time and the streets that were once full of people and life. Today they are foreigners in Croatia and are approached by police or suspicious local people with strange questions. Guided walking tours of Zagreb's historical heart interprets the historical and cultural identity of the city. However, in comparison to the cities of Alep, Damascus or Bagdad Zagreb is very young.

Some of our new fellow citizens already discovered that Zagreb is very practical and enjoyable for walking, while others were too afraid of leaving their apartments and with our tour, they did the first discovery of the city. Still some who live in Zagreb for more than two years have found their favourite cafes, bars, shops, parks and streets.

During our walk, we remembered the similar situation of Croatian people during the Homeland war, when our cities were destroyed and Croatian were forced to leave Croatia and seek security as immigrants in foreign Countries.

We hope that this welcome Guided walking tour of Zagreb will help them in their inclusion and integration in the society.

Samia Zitouni
Drustvo Marije Juric Zagorke



maggie mungania - 14 June 2017 (11:13:36)

Congratulations innoguide for the tour trips. No one can deny that you have created a universal community by including different professionals world wide. Such innovations can be instrumental to ending terror and other negative issues in the world today.