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A guide's challenges are endless and unpredictable - but most of all FUN!

As a professional in the travel industry for nearly 20 years, I have seen and experienced a lot - like A LOT!!! Today, in my role as CEO of Service & Co. international guide school and the travel agencies Ung Rejs and Viva Tours, I watch from the side lines, as our students and guides face the world of guiding and its many curiosities. However, today, I want to share a few of my own experiences from back in the days, when I worked as a guide for Ung Rejs. I cannot brag about solving the issues by the book - to be honest, I don't believe any of them appear in any books - but my God, they were funny and prove very well that anything is possible when you work with people!
1. One evening a group of boys were bored and decided to kill time by remowing all doors to the rooms in their hotel corridor and switching them around to great confusion for the other guests when they returned from a night out and their keys didn't fit! Vandalism at a whole new and hilarious level.
2. One of our hotels was flooded with water waist-high and the risk of electrical damage. As I entered the reception, I was met by a furious and very frustrated Hotel Manager. Reason: A group of guests paddling around in an inflatable boat drinking beer and having the time of their lives. I might just add that the frustration and anger was merely rooted in a fear of anyone being electrocuted in the process!
Of course not all days in the life of a guide are this crazy, but they can be - and you never know when "lightening" strikes. To me that is what makes the job so amazing!

Chris Karlsen, Service&CO, Denmark




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