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Building bridges

The activities and exercises disclosed and maybe even dismantled our own cultural structures, addressing more sensitive elements like stereotypes. It definitely made us reflect on how we perceive other cultures and how rigid we can be in our thoughts. This was enlightening but most certainly also confronting. Seemingly simpler assignments like engaging in different cultural concepts of communication in the “speed dating” activity proved to be more challenging than expected. The members had to change the way they would “naturally” communicate tasks taking into account the different cultural communication style of their colleague.


The presentation of our own cultures led us to be more self-aware, shifting the focus to making us more objective and less subjective in evaluating others, it taught us to observe, describe, choose between possible interpretations, but most importantly to suspend judgement! Overall it turned out to be a very intense, eventful and filled workshop with an enthusiastic group and very active members of all generations. We went back home with lots of materials, examples and experiences to share further with our future trainees.


Samia Zitouni, Drustvo



khan motaleb - 05 April 2017 (16:31:29)

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maggie mungania - 14 June 2017 (11:25:48)

Very bold of you ! Culture is an emotive issue which many want to remain mum meaning You respect mine I respect Yours.