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Innoguide is the joint name for 2 European projects and refers to the creative world of guiding. But the term Innoguide also refers to an (online) community of guides, guide trainers and guide organisations across the globe who share experiences on this platform, who want to learn more about innovative guiding and who want to read about other good practices.

The first Innoguide project (an acknowledged European Leonardo Lifelong Learning project) ran from October 2010 until September 2013. Its main focus was on innovating guide training. Based on a comparative study of guide training programs in eight European countries it was concluded that the important topics interculturality, sustainability and experiential guiding were hardly addressed in the guide training curricula. In a globalising world with growing demands from tourists from all corners of the world this was a surprise. An open source platform was created by the project partners with free teaching materials for guides and guide trainers on these three topics.

But the complex issues of the tour guiding world require more action, which resulted in a follow-up project called “Innoguide 2.0 – Guiding as a trigger for a more sustainable, diverse and exciting Europe! Stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of guiding.” This current project is a two-year project and is part of the Erasmus+ funding programme. It acts on various levels, addressing (tour) guides, guide trainers and guide organisations.

QuotationsInnoguide 2.0 – Guiding as a trigger for a more sustainable, diverse and exciting Europe!

The objective is to further update and improve the teaching materials for guide trainers, provide good practice examples and organise specific train-the-trainer workshops on these topics in the different project countries. Detailed information on these workshops and how to apply can be found on this website.

Moreover Innoguide 2.0 develops instruments for guide organisations that support them in running an organisation that deals with these three main topics in a sufficient and customer-oriented way. Both projects are coordinated by VisitFLANDERS, a Flemish government agency responsible for tourism, and over the course of the projects eleven European countries with partners from different professional backgrounds have or are participating. This is an important reminder that collaboration of different expertise (guides, guide organisations, educational institutions, tourism boards, service design professionals, etc.) is necessary for the improvement of the guide profession in all its facets all over Europe. Many stakeholders benefit from the entrepreneurial mind-set of guides, the enhanced quality of guided tours and further professionalisation of a guide in accordance to the evolution of a modern tourist. Innoguide wants to bring all these stakeholders together on this platform.